Monday, July 16, 2007

there are..

many things i do.. which comes with a purpose..

i want to get things i hope to get..

i need to do things to achieve whatever i want..

at the very least, i dont do things without thinking of the consequences(sometimes la..)..

but, i do want to make things easy to decipher and understand w/o having much of a thought..

and, for that, i hope you understand..

anyway, was watching this show on cable tv..

pretty nice.. interesting.. hahaha..

it takes load of courage to be with a partner who is 7 yrs older than u r.. especially when the female gender is the more matured party..

but, the show make it so simple... no wonder, it is a show.. :D

who knows.. maybe things can just be that simple.. and, i hope it does!

p.s.: i am so tanned!!! skin is orange in colour la.. *pengs*

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