Monday, July 30, 2007


did not manage to run this evening.. coz of the rain..

although the rain did stop, i still decided not to run..

coz, i usually rain w/o my specs.. which sorta being a dangerous thing to do.. as the ground is pretty wet..

yup.. abit like excuses.. but, whatever the case, i still didn't run..

anyway, somehow, felt very hurt..

actually, i know why lah...

just don't think it is appropriate to mention it here...

sounds weird, right?

but then, it is just me...

well, i am one who just writes myself off whenever i felt there is a need to...

and, when i do, usually, it is more like a well-concluded picture... always that difficult to change..

maybe, if you weight the difference, i would take out to be the last choice ba...

argh.. !!! low self-esteem... @#*!%&

never mind.. shall vent all my grievances and anger in tmr's run... and, i will!

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