Tuesday, April 17, 2007


sui once told me.. everything will be over once i changed my blogskin..

hahaha.. nope.. not that i want everything to be over.. it is just that, everything have long been over..

really.. changed the blogskin is coz the previous's background pic is already gone.. tat is main reason for the change..

so, dont think too deep into it..

coz over the terms and got into the reality long time ago..

reminiscing the past doesnt mean anything.. holding on to memories doesnt take precedence to facing the future..

so, dont make groundless assumptions.. coz, very likely, such will only make u feel miserable.. :P

1 comment:

soonsiong said...

Having changes in life is unavoidable and changing for the better is good. Hope everything comes smoothly for you and look forward for the new adventures. goGOgo~