Monday, April 16, 2007

gruelling times..

after like, 19 weeks, i m finally over and done with my current course!

woohoo.. so happy..

just simply cant stop thinking of the times i had with my section mates.. hahaa..

experienced the ups and downs of soldier-ing..

seeing how people tuang(a.k.a chao keng)..

throwing tempers during times.. which i did several times..

enjoying the rojak we get from the canteen..

even the simplest thing can fascinate us..

who knows.. what kinda people we are.. but, we insist in calling ourselves, FOS!

what does FOS stands for? err.. u have ur own say.. ;)

anyway, quite lazy to update on the happenings of my life..

just take it as, i m still the same as before.. life-less.. :\

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