Friday, April 20, 2007

wat do u do when u r bored?


been doing nothing.. except, like what daniel and john says.. "eat, slp, slack, game, shit and do nothing still..."

lol... alright.. really, there are nothing left for me to do.. except the basics.. like those mentioned above.. hahaha...

hmmm.. been surfing friendster lately.. and, coincidentally, i just burged into 3 different individual accts.. to my surprise, they are close friends somemore.. lol

so zhun, rite? i definately didn't arrange it.. it all just happens like this.. "ta-da~"

aiya.. bored.. life in Air Force Recruitment really can kill you off silently...

an insignia which i only get to wear for 3 days... and now, i gotta put it down..

10mths of struggle just to wear it proudly for 3 days.. who knows what will happen next..

but, i m definately looking forward for my time @ Air Force School.. hopefully i can adapt and get well with life in a new environment.. and, Air Force is willing to let me sell my soul to them for 10 yrs.. lol..

crapped.. just feel like scribbling on this blog.. nothing much in particular..

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