Saturday, April 07, 2007

been ages..

yup.. i disappeared for quite some time..

well, for those who are still around me, they will know the disappearance act was wat all abt..

as for those who aint know me tat well, err.. ok.. take it this way, i went off for a vacation.. :D

where to.. ? errr.. alright, taiwan is the answer!

the place was pretty fun.. though it was my second time there..

met with lots of people.. seen the true side of many friends who went with me..

maybe it was due to the high fatigue level.. or could be just the weather.. it comes to show either two types of personality when the challenges come along..

either a selfless person will be born.. or, a selfish individual comes into shape..

nonetheless, we weathered thru the tough.. and had the best of the time together.. enjoying thru the process.. may it be for the better or worse, we still got thru somehow.. hahaha..

the experience will definately be part of my memories which i will engrave deeply in me..

many things i learnt thru the trip too.. one of them worth mentioning is the survive skills of a dog..

saw this dog which got knocked down by a vehicle while i was there.. the dog got pretty hurt by the accident.. but still, managed to pick herself up and limped off the scene..

from what i gathered of the way it moved, and of course, visually, the dog was incurred injuries on its leg and face.. both spots bleeding quite badly.. and yet, it moved on..

then, later on, i spotted it lying down near a building.. and, decided to take a look at it due to curiousity.. like what the others always say.. curiousity kills the cat.. and, now, it kills my heart..

the injuries on the dog was so bad that his face was kinda disfigured... and, the limp of its leg.. argh.. hate to say that.. but, it was so bad that i was able to see the bone protruding outta it.. yucky sight.. yet, my heart went out for the dog.. crying within myself.. seeing on how the dog is suffering.. and, cursing the irresponsible driver who did all this to it..

nonetheless, i could not keep myself on seeing it go by.. so, i decided to leave it alone.. as i know it will be better off w/o my unprofessional help.. even if i want to help, all i can do, is just stay on and see.. frankly, nothing much i could do at tat point of time.. hai!

the night falls.. and, when i had time, i went back to the building where i last spotted the dog.. was pretty glad to see tat it was moving away.. maybe due to the crowd forming near the building.. but still, i was rather happy tat it is moving up and limping away from its old spot..

after that day, i never got to see the dog anymore.. i sincerely hope tat it is doing fine now.. although helpless i could do for it, but, this is the most i could give to it.. tat is hope and pray for its well-being..

looking forward, things have been pretty much slack for me lately.. yeap.. u see it right.. S-L-A-C-K.. why? coz, finally, i m passing out from armour! oh.. happy man i can be! hahaha..

POP will be on 13th April.. which is like, 6 more days? heehee.. happy!!! after 5mths of armour-ing.. finally, seeing the fruits of labour being garnered... the feeling is, wooohooo!!! =D

happy things doesnt go a long way... why i say so? coz, i m suffering from this terrible backache.. which have bothered me for like, 4days.. (inclusive of today).. wonder what is going wrong.. the hurt is really killing at times.. wanted so much to take pain killers.. but, decided not to.. as reliance on medicine is the only way to make u weak.. hahaha..

dun know who came out with the philosophy of what i said above.. but then, i find it meaningful.. letting myself suffer awhile is better than finding a way to hide the pain.. isnt it.. ? :)

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