Monday, April 23, 2007

wat happened..

hmm.. conclusion, ginger tea taste super yucky..

drank one cup earlier on under the advice of gw..

he claims that by drinking that, the "air" in my stomach will be gone..

and, from the way he told me, i was convinced.. thus, downing one cup down my miserable little elastic small tummy.. which in turn, make my already-in-a-terrible-state throat filled with ginger taste..

gosh.. i guess it shld be the last time i drink this kinda tea.. really taste horrible.. nonetheless, i still finished it.. coz, not finishing it will only waste my effort in the tasting of it.. therefore, w/o much choices, i just gulped down the drink in mouthful style..

hohoho.. i should be long aslp by now if i hadnt went out with the guys... and, for two consecutive days, the originally-planned movie outing was once again, cancelled..

with that, i think i m not fated to catch a movie lately ba... coz with all these postponing, i really doubt that i shld harbour any thoughts of getting into a theatre anymore.. at least for this period of time ba..

and, been having quite a number of chance meeting with old friends.. but, always, didn't have any time to stop and talk to them(either party is always rushing for time..)

well, i guess i should start to treasure all the people around me more.. so that, in time to come, i will be a contented man with several good friends by my side..

what say you? :)

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