Sunday, August 19, 2007

what come may...

as if a monday-friday work schedule for the past wasnt enough to kill me...

now, i got a more than that timing to cope with!

inclusion of weekends is sorta quite tough.. but, definately, it was up for some cost..

haha.. tempted by the additional perks that came with it.. sorta a good one too!

yea.. talking about the add-on duties for the coming days(actually, i just did a consecutive saturdays duty as per started last week!)..

never liked doing it on saturdays... coz, it really limits your choice of where u wanna go...

on the other hand, when you are back @ ur snail place, u just wanna doze off to a deep good dream! which i just did... and, it happened for a whipping 6hrs tenure!!! wa lao.. what a waste of it..

but, judging from what happened during the morning, i was just able to gather abt 3hrs of rest.. from an office which only offers a couch, with my makeshift addition of my blanket and pillow.. addition of my little bolster.. and, the on-playing radio of 933.. alright lah.. plus!!! the always not working air-condition, which i thought a ceiling fan could have done a much better job than of the latter..., how can life goes on well for me?!

wa liew... still cant get my movie kaki lah.. tried asking so many pple liao.. all rejecting me somehow..

show some mercy to the unwanted lei... !!!

not my fault for telling you all last minute k... just that you people dont spend a wheeny of ur time @ my blog to know what i want ma... hahhaa... "tai-ji" the fault away from myself only.. :P

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