Thursday, August 16, 2007

went out looking for this julie's biscuit earlier on... and, found out that it was totally out of stock!
that was after visiting three supermarkets before finding it out...
and, i wondered, biscuits only ma.. got such big demands on it one meh...
hahaha.. shocking lei... !
and, for that, i have make a wasted trip down to the supermarkets... spent abt an hr going around... walking up and down the biscuits section... trying to locate something which is outta stock... hahaha... felt abit dumb... ~
yeap.. anyway, sorta regret how i spent my days as a civilian... hahaha.. as usual... stayed at home to play game.. so wu liao, rite? 没办法。。人缘不好。。哈哈哈!
had wanted so much to go catch a movie la.. but, no one have time for me... so sad.. ~
so many movies i wanna catch lah... esp. rush hr 3... but, no movie kaki!~
and, i think, its probably becoz i choose my movie kaki.. thats why.. left with not many choices.. hahahhaa!!!! so, in the end, i realise, i brought all these to myself~ hahaha.. :X
ok lah... dun really know what i wanna say anymore.. just that, i shld be having duties on sat... which makes me not feel like booking out tmr.. coz, sees no point in doing so... booking out at 5-6pm... then, booking in at 11-1159pm... whats the point sia... -_-"

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