Sunday, August 12, 2007

its all over...

yup.. over~

disappointments are just part and parcel of being in life..

as per said, ups and downs are probably what everyone have to go thru in their roles as human being.. so, i must try to accept it gracefully at end day~

yes.. i will go thru it! i will handle it~ and, i will make sure that i come out of it in one piece~ heh heh..

oh yes.. lets just talk about some other things instead of my matters of the heart.. it is getting kinda bored, isnt it? (yes yes.. i live in a boring love life.. who doesn't? fine.. maybe me only..)

recently, for those who are aware of the latest news ard us, i guess you all heard about the kidnapping/abducting case of the south koreans at afghanistan..

yup... i am glad that they, the kidnappers, are finally agreeable to release the hostages.. i am happy that the volunteers are finally getting their freedom.. but, their freedom are being exchanged for some underhand demands.. which i am not agreeable at all for the authorities yet again, gave in to those despicable inhumane people...

i always thought, if the authorities are agreeable to those underhand terms laid down by the kidnappers' demands, wouldn't it be like just telling them, "please kidnap more people.. therefore, we can agree to your underhand terms?"? to me, it is more like encouraging them to kidnap than to deter them from using such despicable acts..

what more, those they kidnapped are people who volunteered their precious time and life to be helping those in need at a war-torn country.. cant they(kidnappers) view them more like samaritan who are willing to help people in need?

and, i wonder, why are they depriving their own people from receiving precious help...

probably, i am just a normal being not understanding their situation... but, what rights do they have to say that they understand their fellow natives? do they really know what others are thinking? in name, they claim, they are fighting for freedom... does their freedom includes seeing their fellow citizens starving and begging for food?

of course, they can work their way to self-sufficient... and, end up like an isolated state equivalent to south korea's neighbour...

with all these, i cant help but to be reminded of a saying which i got to know and agreeable from the conversation of some of my camp mates...

they were saying that history is more like created by the victors of the past... and, the down side of it is usually describing the bad side of those being defeated by them..

i.e. to say, if japan continued to rule over singapore, who knows.. maybe, all of my generation will be more pro-japanese.. and, being taught how bad our status would have been if we remained a colonial state..

aiya.. going into history le... dunno man.. just have alot of things to rattle about today.. maybe all these thoughts have been stirred up after my visit to other people's blogs....

just find that this world is filled with choices... you choose what you chose... you either stay "loyal" to ur choice by trying to determine how good your choice have affected and changed your life, or, start grumbling on what a terrible mistake you have make when making the decision..

yes.. everyone have their own views of what they see and hear... so do i, entitled to have my own..

this is the type of Aaron once you put him on duty for the weekends... he starts thinking of things... and, once he is tired out, he will just rattle whatever he have thoughts of... hahaha... conclusion, dun give me duties!!! hahaha.. :D

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