Friday, August 10, 2007


yeap.. 40..

haahaa.. went out with the guys on national day..

almost din want to go.. but yet, decided to turn up..

nice nice nice..

played lotsa things..

did many things i din wanna do in the past..


tried so many back flips too.. which all turned out to be flops..

hahaha.. who knows.. maybe, one day, i can really flip and land on my feet w/o needing the water to "cushion" me.. hahaha.. well, i am just listening to what i wanna listen.. although i know that wont happen lah.. *grinZ*

oh.. and, sry guys.. wanted to watch the parade with my parents... so, din join u all for dinner.. nonetheless, i guess, we will have plenty of chance, rite? lets just brace ourselves for the upcoming AOH!

oh.. and, i like the tanned colour the sun have left me! i hope they stays intact.. as in, my skin.. hahaha.. :D

hmmm... fun aside.. well, started to think for myself too..

maybe.. maybe.. things shld just get soften down.. and slowly, being forgotten ba.. right?

nope.. not saying i have no fighting spirit.. just that, why fight a battle when everything seems so bleak... why suffer more "casualties" when u can save "lives"? is it for what others say, "At the end of the day, at least you know you tried"? or, is it more like proving to urself that "You are the best.. and, you can achieve what others can't"?

for me, all those sentence are more like deceiving individuals in trying to attain what they think they want..

yes.. i believe in miracles.. but, like what everyone says... they dont always happen.. that is why it is known as miracle..

i guess, with all these, i shall rest my case.. that is unless, there is a miracle.. which of course, i must be able to sense it... else, i shall just continue with my lifestyle.. like it have always been..

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