Saturday, February 24, 2007

who r u.. ?

this is a simple yet difficult to answer question.. (alright.. maybe to me only..)

spent time thinking of an answer for this question.. but, dun seem to find it out.. cant really sort it out.. or, maybe, it is too hard to decipher..

even though i know this person for 22years.. coming to 23.. i still really cant find the right term to conclude him.. yeah.. maybe short of vocab.. but, nonetheless, there is still a difficulty.. isnt it.. ?

enjoyed the serenity of the sea while racking my brains for an answer.. one solid hour alone.. but yet.. results are still obvious enuff.. else, i wouldnt be writing all these..

have you asked yourself?

how much u know about urself?

who knows you more than you do?

and yet, u dun have the answer?

how irony this world can be..

who dares to say he/she knows himself/herself inside out?

i wonder who takes such bravery into his/her hands..

hahaha.. another question that came into my mind.. but, unlike the above.. i got abit of conclusion for this..

the difference between "will" and "can"..

"Will you be able to put down the past and accept the future?"

replace the "will" with "can".. how does it sounds like?

"Will" becomes a term telling the person to try and forget about things.. while "Can" becomes a more forciful statement than the former..

Moreover, "can" seems to be a more powerful word to use.. while "will" have the politeness in it.. but, no power at all..

hahaha.. wonder why i m uttering such rubbish here.. maybe, i just wanna clear what i have in mind now.. zZzzZz.. ;)

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