Sunday, February 11, 2007


hmm.. after more than 22yrs in this world, finally, i know how difficult and endearing to miss a person's presence.. (oh, believe me.. i have given up hopes of reliving the old days.. just a simple feeling.. but yet, complicating.. :D)

not that i dun have this feeling thru-out my life.. just that, when time goes on.. this feeling just gets stronger.. maybe is the amount of reliance just increases when one gets older..

anyway, next week, outfield training.. oh man.. so sian.. outfield again.. what makes worse.. the outfield period will take up valentine's day~ haahaa.. not as if i have a valentine.. but, at least, they shld make a public holiday for valentines ma.. so, people like me, singlehood de, can take the chance to have a rest wat..

so much of doing tat much for "baby bloom" plan by the government.. this kinda thing shld automatic ma.. public holiday! stimulate more marriages.. ~ haahaa..

since i cant enjoy the day, i just hope the others will be able to! especially her.. :)

to all couples in the world, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

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