Sunday, February 25, 2007


i refuse to succumb into reality..

i just want to stay in my own world..

a world where i believe that i will always get the type of love i want..

a place where i know i will feel the serenity of peace in..

a time where all things stop for my sake..

a thing where everything comes into place itself..

a believe that i will always be the one i m..

a love that will never be replaceable..

a person where the world will cease to exist if she isnt ard..

a land where all the desired people and things are cramped into..

a mind where all thoughts are realistic..

a wallet filled with loads of money..

a face where happiness always can be found in..

a dream of she and me turns into more than just a fantasy..

a time where comes into internity..

a story that never ends.........

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