Saturday, February 17, 2007


it is amazing how people cope with sadness or confusions themselves..

when i was young, i remember vividly that i was a cry baby(yeah.. i admit...)

and, whenever i cry, i will just simply sob terribly.. and, calling out for my aunt to help me.. i dun remember why i call out for my aunt.. but, all i could gather is that this aunt of my is very close to me..

although she never came along for my rescue, but, the calling out for her definately ease some sadness off my shoulders.. letting me get a breather.. and allowing those bad imes to pass by easier than it is suppose to be..

as time goes by, things change..

the old gets replaced by the new..

so does the "call-out"...

now, my reliance became to just a place.. a place where i had many fond memories of..

even when i know that i shld avoid going to the "hideout", but, whenever i feel down, the first place that comes to my mind is just simply there..

and, when i m there, even if it is just a simple 15mins, things start to change.. change for the better..

lastly, when you are there at ur "hideout", u just simply hope that u dun bump into people u dun think u shld see.. (i almost did earlier on.. luckily my senses told me that i shld move away.. else, i dun dare to think of what would have had happened..)


so, have you thought where ur "hideout" is.. ?

will u always go there whenever u need some silent moments?

i hope u have like i do.. at least, it would be a place where u start to "heal" ur "wounds".. :)

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