Saturday, February 03, 2007

this is what they said..

"The higher your expectations are, the stronger your disappointment will be(期望越高,失望越大)"

supposedly, if you put lots of hopes i expecting an outcome, and, when the desired outcome does not come along, you must hold on to that disappointment which tucked along too...

this is the challenging part.. isnt it.. ?

oh well, sometimes, not that you cant take that disappointment.. most importantly, you must learn how to accept the outcome of it.. that is what i need to tell myself.. hahaha.. self-deniance.. not learning how to be more acceptance.. hai! thats probably the worst of me.. :X

hopefully, when you read this, you wont become as bad as i do.. k? learn to counter all the challenges tat come along.. and, remember, problems tat doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.. ;)

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