Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese Lunar New Yr!

Happy Lunar New Year to all!

well, this yr, is kinda like the past yrs.. not much visiting done.. thus, "earning" just a few red packets.. hahaa..

sad it may sounds, but, fulfilling it is to me..

i just need to know how my relatives are doing.. not making a "dig" into their pockets.. so, i got my priority right!

here is for the readers, have you been trying very hard to avoid the traditional questions? e.g "where is ur gf/bf?", "when you planning to start dating again?", "when are you inviting me for your wedding dinner" etc... ?

hahaha.. lucky enuff for me, my relatives aint shooting such "traditional" questions on me.. lest the pain and headache in answering them..

probably they are the more new-age type of people ba.. dun think they are giving me the "bo-hue" attitude.. moreover, i m the youngest ard within my cousins.. and, most of them are married man/woman(if i m not wrong, only 3 of my cousins are not married yet.. but, each of the 3, they are currently in a "super-stable" type of relationship with their partners.. therefore, the questions might probably be "reserved" for them.. hahaha).. so, they are probably in the "not-so-bothered-by-trival stuffs" mindset..

oh, during the visit, one of my cousin sister showed me photos of my young young young days.. errr.. i think i was in the tender age of 4-5yrs.. hahaha.. cutee.. and, thanks alot, valerie! for picking out those photos, which somehow, make me feel "embarassed".. hahaha.. guess she enjoys poking fun outta me.. but, it was really really sweet of her to find the effort in getting the photos out.. hahaha.. ;)

enuff talk of relatives.. now, for my friends whom i met during the 2nd day of new yr..

as per like the past, we met up at one of my good friend's house.. hahah.. talked and chatted under the "sun" with the "good-old-days" friends.. even stroke out a chat session with my friend's sister and brother..

oh man.. those were the days.. something which i shldn't forget abt mentioning.. damn.. i lost $100+ in the gambling table!! @#(&!)*@$%

hahaha.. nonetheless, i still find it worthwhile.. coz, i believe in "小财不出,大财不入" hahaha.. therefore, i m expecting a BIG downfall on me during the coming days! hahaha.. :D

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