Wednesday, October 31, 2007

outta the red...

hmmm... red instead of blue?


that signals something bad is gonna happen if this goes on..

yes yes yes..

recently, things have been coming up to me one after another..

first, it was the "shopping" of post-army pick-up-studying-again syndrome..

it isnt an easy decision to make, k..

it is like a decision which will cost u tons of $$$... might even get you into debt even before you start making a regular income back into your pocket... so, it sorta take up a toll of me...

next, came along the need to save up...

oh man.. this isnt an easy part too.. especially when i am so used to spending freely, although i still make an effort to save up la.., now that i need to think of what is gonna happen as far as 7mths later.. hai.. how much can i save? or, should i ask, how much can i control my spending? it is so difficult to be stuck in a budget.. it makes me feel so bad when my friends have already decided on a dinner place.. yet, me, shouting in caution over my small and miser portion of spending power left..

makes you feel lousy at times... but, i also cant hide the achievement i felt when i see the digits in my bank acct jumping up.. (though i still find the "jumping" is rather tamed...) hahaha...

and lastly, the thing i am thinking now... hard to put it in words... but, like what i just read at someone's blog,

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens... but, will you decide to look back at the closed door or head towards the new one?"

If only looking at the new direction would be that easy... and yes... feel so emo now! >.<


Claris said...

i hope what i wrote about the open and closed doors didnt affect you much. i'm sorry if i did

ah ron said...


it didn't...

it just sorta brought back some memories which i had mid this yr.. :D

no worries... reminiscing can be for a good cost at times too.. :D