Wednesday, June 27, 2007


been long since i last updated the blog with some sense..

if you realise, the pass few entries are like, kinda senseless?


anyway, been slacking around since my leave started..

mainly, staying home and surfing ard the net..

and, yesh.. my mum and sis have flew to taiwan... leaving me with my dad at home only..

well, occasionally, i was make a nanny.. looking after my niece.. which sums up, "monster-sitting"(btw, i call my niece a monster..) and, looking after my pet dog, baby.. which is what known to me as "baby-sitting"(coz my dog's name is "baby")..

hahaha.. hmmm.. is this considered as "moon-lighting"? hahaha... i doubt so..

yeap.. things are kinda slack.. so, slack i became.. and, concluding, fatter i turned out to be.. hahaha..

dun think much i can update since i am currently leading such a "beautiful" lifestyle.. heehee..

oh.. ya.. lastly, i got my posting le.. and, yes.. like what everyone have been saying.. i am back to my pervious vocation already... but, this time rd, my stance will be at 40SAR.. :D as wat? i dun know either..

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