Saturday, June 30, 2007

in the end, it is over...

went back to AFS to sign the termination letter the day before...

with abit of reluntance, i signed above the dotted lines..

well, to say that there is totally no remorse in my decision is definately lying...

there were many things in my mind since i have decided on where my future lies..

but of course, regrets will start to flow in once i start thinking abt the times @ tamworth..

hahaha.. gotta live with it.. whose life wouldn't be smeered by regrets.. ? as per said, my is definately filled with more than one..

anyway, i will try not to think about it ba.. it is just a way to make me feel bad.. =p

drank quite abit the night before.. now, feeling nauseous... giddy.. guess tat is what they conclude as hang over.. bleahz... =p

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