Monday, June 18, 2007


they come and go..

leaving behind impacts of life which makes u think..

sometimes, you never get to understand why they appear..

most of the times, you just know that they are there for some reasons..

whether you like it or not, you wont be able to choose how they appear..

you can only decide how much they impact ur life..

anyway, things have been pretty good for me lately..

been busy trying to catch up with friends who i dont really have the time with..

loads have been in my mind lately too..

i always wonder.. what can happen in order to change someone's plans for the future..

till now, there aint many reasons for the deviation.. but, reasons do varies..

for example, marriage age..

well, for many out there, we do have a planned age to tie the knot..

but, as i always convince myself with.. a plan is yet only a plan.. things could change in reality.. isnt it.. ?

so, does it really matter in the end?

is it for the better good if you stick very closely to what you planned?

who knows.. things could turn out better than what was planned if deviation occurs..

yet, its a double-edge effect.. could also turn out worse..

and, at the end of the day, no one knows the answer for all..

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