Saturday, January 13, 2007


army... army.. left.. right.. right.. left..

the above is the initials on my uniform.. i guess, everyone also know it le..

hahaha.. dun know what to blog.. so, decided to write some rubbish on this "almost-getting-rusty-and-dusty" blog site.. hahaha..

hmm... lately, been suffering from lots of injuries.. dun know is it due to my negligence or i m just too prone to it.. maybe, it is neither of them.. just plain sway.. LOL..

anyway, current unit life doesnt seems to adapt well for me lei.. probably due to my undesirable mental state causing all these adapting problems.. dun seems to be able to get the so-called healthy mentality of the place lei.. hahaha..

and, i thought mosquitoes wont be able to bite u while u are fully clothed.. but, i was proved wrong during last friday.. was clothed fully.. and yet, got so many bites on my back.. blardy mosquitoes..

weather seems to be on their side too.. omg.. got to suffer many many mosquito bites le.. helppppp....... -_-"

(i guess no one will know what i trying to say with the below mentioned statement.. just wanna get it outta my mind.. tats all..)
call me kiasu or wat.. even a 1% failure may seem too much of a danger to me.. i just wanna do wat i want to.. but, i dont seem to have a chance.. hope i could alter all the "chances" in life.. alter it to make things easier for me..

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