Saturday, January 20, 2007

desires 2...

nope.. is not more things to think abt.. its just a continuation of what i posted earlier on..


at the end of the day, ur legs will come upon to suit the footwear.. but, tat doesnt come easy.. definately, with a number of injuries.. blood to be seen.. pain to be felt.. therefore, it depicts.. "Nothing comes along just simply like this.. you got to give in, in order to achieve it.."


after making a fuss in the crowd for awhile.. the little ger will come to realise, maybe it isnt a good idea to continue doing so.. since her parents just simply ignore her.. thereafter, she keeps quiet.. and learn to accept the fact that she will never achieve what she aimed for by making a fuss outta it.. likewise, telling us, "Even with all efforts, things might not turn up the way you want it to be.. learn to accept it.. or, you will end up losing much more than u gain.."

oh man.. what a big contradiction... -_-"

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