Saturday, January 20, 2007


hmmm.. was out for lunch earlier with my parents.. and, saw two interesting facts while looking at the crowd @ J8...


saw a young lady.. yes.. she is pretty nice looking.. but, my attention for her wasn't for her looks.. was her footwear..

she was wearing this red colored and eye catchy stylish footwear.. but, it was much more than just a normal footwear.. she had many stylish plasters on her foot too.. and, slowly, i realised that she was limping away..

i thought, "why make urself suffer from pain coz of the want to be fashionable..?"

then, it stroke me.. sometimes, pple just do what their heart desires.. and, neglect the "price" or consequences it takes to achieve the aim..

after thinking awhile.. there came the second interesting encounter..


while i was thinking away.. i heard a loud cry.. from a little ger this time..

at the initial pt, didn't know what her cries were abt.. but, slowly, i could depict from her actions tat she wanna buy something which her parents forbid her to..

then, i asked myself.. how much sacrifice can one do just to achieve what he/she wants..

so much so tat u can make a big fuss outta it in a crowd? or, just starve urself for a few days to have enuff $$$ to purchase it.. ?

hmmm... and, i realise.. yes.. she is just a little ger.. who cares abt creating attention from the crowd.. hahaha.. :D

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