Wednesday, May 14, 2008

s*cks.. BIG TIME!

lately, my life really suc*..

nothing seems to go right for me..

everything just comes in a chuck.. and, at times, i wonder, when will i break down..

if that happens, what kinda person will i be..

what will happen in the future?

will there be one for me.. ?

took time to ponder upon these questions.. and, just like what others will think.. yes, i dun have an answer to it..

but, the mere thought of it scares me..

why am i given this "chance" to think about these.. ?

what i perceive as happiness and simplicity has all turned out to be an illusion..

a mirage.. ?

surely and simply, i hope it isnt...

if all these happenings are just a test to my character, then, i can tell you, i seriously fluck it big time...

really.. nothing seems to go right.. simply nothing..

it just needs one small spark to create a forest fire... and yes, this time rd, it isnt gonna be easy to clear what had happened...

and, i totally feel it..

no, to your answer if all these i have just said is about my rs...

like i mentioned.. its for EVERYTHING... and, it is inclusive..

really feel like running away from all these.. the thought of it just thrills me.. running away...

maybe tat can be a choice too...

really feel like just breaking down.. and get myself into a hibernating mode.. isolating from the messes..

it will all happen after my SOC test.. when i pass it.. i'll start to think it thru..

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