Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meanings for flowers...

Something to share with you all...

Been looking for it for some time.. and, finally, i've found it!

The meaning for number of flowers...

3 I love you
6 I want to be yours
9 Forever in Love
10 You're perfect
11 You are my treasured one
12 Be mine
15 I'm truly sorry
20 I'm truly sincere towards you
21 I'm committed to you
24 Forever yours
32 Miss you
36 You light up my life
48 True love
50 Golden memories
99 Be mine & make me complete
100 Totally in love with you
101 You're my only one
108 Will you marry me?
365 Missing you every day
999 Endless love

Hahhaa... 999 stalks of flowers.. ? i think it will be as heavy as the weights in the gym! :D

*ps, how true the above is? i cant answer u.. therefore, just take it for some basic knowledge will do! :)

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