Sunday, November 11, 2007

still harping on it...

recently, around my surroundings, there are many friends of my are involved in relationships..

so, lets talk abit about it..

how much can one individual be in love with another?

so much so that it starts to change one's personality?

this is exceptionally true to many guys out there..

why do i say so.. ?

well, coz, it sorta implies for me too..

when it all started, two comes together as a complete stranger..

may it be through studying, by introducing from another friend.. or even as a complete unacquintance state, friendship is always the first stage of all..

being friends, many things can be done..

they can talk about the earth... the sky... even the simplest things around them..

they joke together.. laugh together.. goes to an outing together.. basically, anything under the sun..

and, when Cupid strikes, things change...

the laughter they used to have, will only apply through the "honeymoon" period.. even if there is any at a later part of the relationship, it will be of its minimal..

why does such a thing happen?

well, the only deduction i can come out with.. probably, feelings change... and through changes, people will try to adapt..

when such a situation occurs, things become much more different as it used to be..

as now, feelings come into play, every single action, both party will have to consider much more before they take action.. as fear of offending the other party becomes main priority..

as far as any lovers are concern, they will try their very best to think of everything in the best interest of the other... and, therefore, the so-called "best interest" is being derived from each individual's perception of happiness...

but, bear this in mind.. not everyone's happiness is the same..

some, being simple, even the slightest and simplest thing can make his/her day... but, for others, it might need much more than just a normal effort to achieve..

so, at the point of time whereby they become very conscience of what they are doing, they might inevitably hurt their partner w/o knowledge...

why do i say so.. ? well, everyone have their own defination of happiness.. as i mentioned above.. a simple action can be derived as candid.. but, to the other? it might turn out to be offensive..

a lack of understanding in this case? yes...

but, how much do you understand about yourself?

sighz.. in conclusion... relationship is just too complicated to be trifled ard with!

but!!! as human... we are just simply looking for trouble..

the more we yearn for it, even though knowing the danger which lies within, we still go ahead with our heart's desires...

in chinese, this is known as "犯渐" ! wait.. is this the "jian" i am referring to.. ? hahaha..

pardon me for my lousy chinese! :P

ps: no! i am not attached or somewhat.. coz, not attractive enuff.. hahaha...

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