Thursday, November 22, 2007

fast? slow?

completed 4 duties commitment starting from deepavali till last tuesday...

which means, in a space not more than 20 days, i completed 4 duties which includes 1 weekend, 1 public holiday and 2 weekdays..

wooohooo.. leaving me just 2 more duties to cover from now till early december.. and, after which, i will be saying good bye to duties! at least for the whole of 2007 lah.. :P

oh well, things have been pretty hectic for me..

from the numerous duties i need to perform... the shitload of work commitments given by my higher command... u wont believe what i have been through under the wraths of this horrible person i am under.. -_-"

hate it when people just simply "tai-chi" their commitments and responsibilities away..

the worst of all... still can go around slacking while others are slogging their lungs out... omg... how well he have carried himself as someone i shld be looking up upon.. tsk tsk tsk...

anyway.. i am home now!

came back home for two reasons...

first of all, needed to change my bodyfoam... as i suspect the one i have been using in camp is causing me some skin allergy... making me itch terribly... the itch is so bad that i just simply scratch and scratch and scratch throughout... so much for its "anti-bacteria" capability... killing the bacteria... yet, giving me skin irritation... whats the point.. ?

next, wanted to buy a new hp for me... it is on promotional pricing for today and tmr...

thinking i could get myself a good pre-christmas pressie... but, to my dismay, i didnt get it eventually...

wanted it since it came into the market... nevertheless, still got to give it a miss even though it is such a completely nice deal... :<

and, for that, i guess, my night is totally ruined... *sighz*

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