Friday, June 20, 2008

my only channel..

i guess.. this is my only channel to voice out how i feel during this period of time..

i really feel very bad lately..

coz, i havent been myself and not the way others think i am..

i dun know how i turned into the one i am today..

but, i too, do not want any change in me..

i just simply cant stop myself from thinking..

thinking of things tat i never wish to happen from happening..

the mere thought of me needing to face the uncertain future just simply freaks me out..

i am afraid... afraid of what lies infront of u and me..

but, everytime when i see you, the feeling just dispells away...

it makes me feel so loved.. and treasured..

departing from you always make me feel sad...

sad tat i need to wait for a full day just to have our moments together...

besides that, am afraid of needing to face all the uncertainties alone.. which i never want to...

but, what must come will come...

and, i always thought, going thru the half yr to first yr period is always a difficult and trying one..

for, tats one reason i really find it very hard to let u go whenever we have to depart..

coz, there is only one reasoning for it... i love you too much...

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